Productivity Abounds,

And it feels wonderful. Well that's a lie; I feel exhausted but I guess it does feel a little wonderful. So here goes the rundown!

FRI:-Went on our weekly grocery shopping adventure (you know $150 and a cart full of "stuff") with all 3 kids.
-Hit Menard's by 10:00am to pick out paint and supplies to paint Finn's new room.
-Painted Finn's Room (OK well I was only doing 2 walls)

SAT: - Began the day up with kids as usual to let my dear Husband sleep in..after all he was out late playing hockey!
-Went with my mom (sans Children...WOW) to Becker Furniture World to find replacement furniture to the "junk" they sold me the first time.
-Made a pit stop at a very fulfilling shop in Zimmerman.
-Went around in circles for 4 1/2 hours at Becker trying to make up our minds...but hey at least my mom bought some furniture too!
-Came home to be completely dehydrated and somewhat disoriented..why hadn't I eaten or drank in 4 hours????
-Put together a new dresser (to be blogged later) in Finn's room with my Dear Husbands expertise! (BTW he had thanked me for letting him sleep in by moving all needed furniture while I was gone).
-Flopped on the couch ready to pass out!

SUN: - My wonderful "rest" day began by sleeping in until 8:00am!! WHOOhOO!
-Scott and I got busy finishing the dresser assembly and FINISHED!
-Went to the store to pick up last minute "baby bag" items for the hospital.
-Went to my mom and dads for our amazing Sunday Rest Day! OH HOW I NEEDED THAT!

In a nutshell...what a great weekend! Pictures will follow when the children aren't sleeping in said rooms!


raggedy ash said…
see, it feels good to talk about your progress, doesn't it?

bravissimo sister on a solid gold weekend. it was so SO nice to have a real sunday, huh? i was realizing that the whole fam damily hadn't been together for 3 weeks.

i can't wait to see your new furniture and i guess, more immediately and more importantly, i can't wait to see your new baby.

big love,
ash xoxo
I am totally impressed with you! are obviously nesting! =) I cant wait to see!!!

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