Ok you asked for it!

Well really only one person asked for it. But I thought I would share a couple rooms of our house with you. Really I would share more but the rest is pretty messy. I had 3 extra kids and 2 friends over all morning, so this will just keep you wanting more. I am hoping (yes I know I am nesting) to re-do the kids' rooms this weekend; or at least start. So maybe if I actually get something done I will update those rooms then! You never know so you better just check back!
This is our dining room.
The next two are different views of the kitchen. Not the houses' best feature!

Just to give you a feel I took a few angles of the living space. Notice the munchkins hiding in the pictures!

This is our quaint (that is just a nice way to say TINY) entry way!


Ok, your house looks just as cute in pictures as it does in person! =) And HOLY clean! good job! Especially after having extra bodies running around today! (was it Mandy??I should have stopped by so I could have seen Austin!)

Ok, looks good!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love it. I love seeing photos of other people's homes! But...where is your bright golden yellow room!? ;)
Bridget said…
oh your house is super cute :) I love the sofa!! I want to get one just like it!!!! :)
Ehlan said…
I LOVE it! :)
Anonymous said…
Alicia! I have been meaning to check out your blog for awhile now! I know I've seen your house before, but its been awhile...So cute! You've got a gift! :)

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