Tuesday...that's it?

What a great mom huh! So the dialague goes lilke this:
Kids: Mom let's have a snack.
Mom: Ok...how about an apple or some grapes? We also have bananas or some baby carrots?
Kids: Ok...well...hmmm..how about apples with dip?
Mom: Ok we'll have peanut butter!
Kids: Ummm...well...how about some of that caramel stuff too (nutella)?
Mom: (giving in with a sigh)...ok get up to the table.
And he above scene is what ensued! Oh what an eventful tuesday!


raggedy ash said…
sylvi's pic is so cute! thanks for not only warming my heart with a great sneak peek into your tuesday but also for making me salivate uncontrollably...peanut butter AND nutella!?!? someone pinch me...

big love to my little sister,
ash :)
No way that is SYLVI SUE, ahhhhh my eyes cant beleive it. How beautiful! I cant wait to see you all just a couple more weeks. Love you! Oh yes and Im bringing Brad, that way everyone can meet him. Im so excited.
Tiffany said…
Yum! Last time I had Nutella was in Germany in '96. I really thought it was a food only over there...until I came back and came across it in an aisle. It really does sound good...I just have never bought it.

Besides that, your children look like they are having a great time with their snack.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I LOVE Finn's orange shirt!!!

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