My Hero!

So cliche I know! But it's dear husband is my hero. I get really sentimental and "adoring wife"like as my due dates approach. Anyone who knows me is aware that without my husband by my side I am; well I rephrase that he is ALWAYS by my side is L&D. Without him there God only know what might happen. He was my highschool sweetheart and we have been married almost 8 years now but those moments holding hands through the hardest thing I have ever done define it all for me. He is my calming voice, my rested spirit and alltogether EVERYTHING that I need in human form at that time.

A funny story about the last L&D. We planned a surprise for friends/family by having a photographer journal the whole event. This was super new to us b/c we had never before had anyone in the room during the big event. I, personally, was a little nervous that it may disrupt some of my concentration but was so excited for the outcome. Well as time goes by we all know the husband gets hungry....and in this case we had another mouth to worry about too (the photog). So they got subway, which I adore. Also common knowledge is that smells sometimes bother women laboring. So my darling husband asked if I wanted him to leave to eat the sandwich...and this was just as contractions were starting to hit me hard enough for the need of concentration (I was induced). My reply was "NO" as I grabbed his hand...and continued to hold his hand throughout his eating the sandwich!

So as the time approaches I find myself thinking about the amazing moments we have shared throughout the past 3 births and the amazing moments we will share again. What an amazing experience and what a great man I have by my side!


Did the photographer take away the wonderful experience? Or would it be worth having her there again?? =)
Said Photog was AMAZING and the pics show it! I have been wanting to talk with her regarding a return exerience, but the woman is busy busy busy! In fact she just had another baby...I'm sure I'll get around to chatting with her!!! Again she was amazing and I would invite her back anytime (i'm having a baby of course). should totally talk to her about it! =)

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