(almost) Wordless Wednesday

So here it is...the final color. After 4 colors and 2 coats of primer...I finally went back to what I know.
Warm neutral colors with a little kick.
The walls are a creamy linen white while the backsplash (and soon to be door) are a bright leafy glimmer!
I really love the simplicity of the choice, and although it is not my original vision...
it works!

And besides, I am too old and have too many children to do another 2am painting session so soon!


Jill said…
It looks great!
raggedy ash said…
al...it looks SO awesome. truly. take it straight from the color-on-the-walls queen, it totally fits you & your kitchen for what it needs to be right now - a fresh, usable, pleasing space.

the quad of headshots is stunning, the triad of zachy pics are powerfully placed. nice work, sister.

see you at tuptup time.

I love it! I want to see a big picture of the whole kitchen. {grin} Love the pictures too.

I love the color--nice and bright & love the b&w pics too. Great touches!

And you are SO not too old

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