The Doldrums

I am down in the dumps about this kitchen.
For the most part we have redone our house to meet our needs and match our a way that is within our budget. Our kitchen, however, has been the largest, most expensive, most inconvenient remodeling project...well that just hasn't happened yet. So I do what I can to make it work...and it does! It works just fine. The look, on the other hand...not my absolute favorite...But it works! We have plans to update it...but we are very much DIY'ers and my husband and father will do most of the work. That means it will take time...a lot of time. Possibly in a couple of years...but for now I will do what I can to make it look as wonderful as the rest of the house!
This past weekend I decided that I wanted to paint it. I wanted to go with a steely gray that would match the granite tiled counter top I installed 3 years ago.
Look here to see what it used to look like.
I also sold the table and opened the space up. Mind you I do not have the outlets and covers changed and there are no pictures hanging where I envision them to be...but it's not working.
We were up until after 2 am two nights in a row...not to mention the almost $100 so far in paint and supplies.
We primed...we edged and cut in...we even painted the ceiling with 2 coats of ceiling paint,...and I HATE the color. I think it's the cabinets...yeah that's kind of turns the color blue. I do not want blue in my kitchen...steely gray that's what I want.
Off to the store I will go this morning to purchase yet another gallon on paint...a shade darker possibly!

Any Suggestions??????


Jennisa said…
We had the SAME color of cabinets in our house, and we did a fun "aged" treatment with them. The total cost...$180, and a lot of hours, too! :) Here is a link to what they look like:

Best of luck!
raggedy ash said…
i don't think the shade darker is going to give you what you want. i think you might want to consider switching colors. did you do the online color visualizer at funny thing though, i just tried it and i think i picked the exact color you painted your kitchen! the edge of night? paint colors can be so infuriating!

i'd love to go to menards and look with you...

ahhh... I love your cabinets! If I were you I might switch colors... what about a pale apple green... it would go with the 'vintage' cabinets.


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