How do you like them Apples?

I haven't done a slideshow in a while...and since there were so many photos that I wanted to share I thought I would get into gear and do one!

Ok so get ready for a little bit of a rant on my part....fairly unlike me, but we all need to vent a little right?

The orchard was a blast this past Sunday, but I was fairly disappointed. Things had gotten quite a bit more expensive and with a family of 6 your $ just doesn't stretch when a 30 second (NO JOKE!) pony ride is $4.00 a child. The children had a blast playing (for a $1.00) on the hay pile.(that was really probably 2 or 3 bales that had per chance broken apart and became a hay mountain)...however I am quite certain I saw some moldy pieces (hopefully being exposed will assist in building their immunities or something)! The children had already had a long weekend, what with Finn being out at a hockey game until 11:30pm the night prior. Nonetheless we were poised to enjoy ourselves no matter what...a beautiful day, some free apples from the ground, an apple brat and some packed lunch were all we needed. Oh and the free wine tasting was an added bonus! And what would life in this small world be if we didn't run into some nice folks from our home town at an orchard an hour away? Great to see you Jill, Jenny and Ann Marie!

All in all it was an amazing day spent with some family and friends...the children have more memories of autumn days at the Orchard. Hopefully next year we will find an equally entertaining, yet more cost effective orchard to attend! Any suggestions?


This makes me so sad, I miss my family! :(
Jill said…
It was fun seeing you guys too. I love the pics.

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