You Guess it!

Any of you who follow this blog know that today was my KidSwap day with my neighbor Melissa. So as you can imagine...8 on and so forth. But today was especially interesting. It has been a rainy blithering mess here for about 4 days and time outside burning off steam has been far too little. This tends to lead to an issue of rowdy children in confined spaces. Well after, ever so inteligently, figuring out what the problem was this morning as "the big 6" proceeded to throw, run, jump and scream incesently in my lower level...we went outside! Chilly? Yes...Better than going deaf inside? INDEED!!
So there we were out in the yard..bundled a bit...but ready to spread our wings. Children were running, yelling and being jolly. And here comes the sticky part.

They began getting dirty. Would I continue just saying "No we can't do that guys!" just to say a load of laundry? Or would I allow them to dig in whole heartedly!

Yep! You guessed it....DIG IN KIDS...DIG IN!

Can anyone guess what happened next?


Miss said…
first of all....GREAT pictures!

second of all...THIS Is an example of what makes you an amazing mom! They had a blast!
looks like fun! and I agree... awesome mom!


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