Wordless Wednesday


talk about a foot in the right spot. haha....and there is no possible way that could be the baby of the family already. no way....that cannot be Pearly!! So hard to believe that she is that big already...not to mention she totally looks like an Overby. Scott and you make some amazing looking children. I miss you and love you all, give them all hugs from KoKo. See you soon. Love ya and miss you.

ps. The post about Zachy, was much needed to read and hear about. Thanks for sharing that. It brought tears, and emotions that I havent felt for awhile, it dug up some things that I needed to deal with. Youre an amazing sis AL. XOXO
susanc said…
what a gorgeous shot....she is just so yummy!!!

Susan :):)
4under3 said…
Oh my!!! She has grown so since the day she was born...hasn't she? ;)

She looks adorable, Alicia!!!

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