That's right...this is me in Real Life! Not hiding, not giving you the half truth. This is really me....embarrassingly so? YES!

So you know the story..I was checking in on someone Else's blog and found this idea, that she had found on another blog. I loved here goes my first installment.

Below is the stack of dishes...on no! Some are still dirty....from SATURDAY NIGHT! The dishes in the background have still not made it to the "clean" side, as new dishes continue to pile onto the already large stack.

We had a dinner party in the beautiful fall weather outdoors on Saturday night. There were 4 couples and a lot of food. As you can imagine...that produced many dishes. The rewards, however, outweighed that consequence. There is nothing like a well executed dinner party, fun, friends and a lot of laughs. We had an awesome time.

This is yet another "pile" of sorts. This is our garbage closet. There is an actual cabinet in our kitchen specifically for this reason. However, it is usually overflowing with our recycling bag...and as you can see there are some less than "perfect" items inside. Splenda, Wine, Diet Coke...but hey! There's some whole wheat pasta...that's good right?

And it is with much shame and humiliation that I share this one! "Where is this disastrous mess?" you ask. Well it is under our bed. In the sacred bedroom where all things are wonderful, perfect, private and romantic...there lies a deep dark secret space. A space that never sees the light of day. A dark cavern of "dirtiness"! That under our bed. Until recently it housed my maternity clothes...and when those were removed it unmasked the nastiness that encompasses that space.

Don't worry...I'll get to it!

So now that I have shared some of my deepest and darkest (and of course dirtiest) secrets....please share yours!


Miss said…
I am quite impressed that all you actually have under your bed is dust! cant even see to the other side. Things just END up there...I dont even know how! blah

What will you share next....?? =)

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