too cool for school

Here is my morning in snapshot form:

It is my baby Lilly's first day of preschool

I restlessly tried to sleep all night afraid I may oversleep or not be prepared

I awoke nervous for the venture ahead...think about it 4 small children, explanations of why only 1 gets to go, loading and unloading, dropping off, loading again, more explanations, unloading!

I was at it alone as my husband had to head to work early(hence the morning eyes in the pic)

Lilly was ecstatic to go to! Quite a baby actually.

There she baby on the way to school.

2 Children calmed by the promise of a slushie at "the red place".

Drop off routine goes fairly well...exhausting but well!

I ..sniff.sniff...wipe my tears and off we go.

My baby is growing up!

And for the record...the part about Lilly going to preschool that pains me the most? Not that I am away from her, although I do love being with my children, but the idea that she's there having a great time...I want to be a part of that! That's what is sad for me, anyhow.


Ehlan said…
Precious pictures! What a big girl...makes me tear up already thinking about Olivia going...and we still have lots of time!
Moments In Time said…
I LOVE the car mirror pic!!

I am TOTALLY impressed that you have sent her! GOOD JOB!!!! =)
what a big day! Gavin started preschool today too... how do they grow up so fast!!!


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