Useful = Self Assured

There comes a point, I believe, in every stay at home parents life where they may feel a do I put this kindly...useless. I mean, of course, for anything other than parenting. I am no talking about those who hold "side" jobs or work after the other parent comes home. I am speaking solely for those like me, who have no other form of employment (because I only know how I feel and can only express that).
I know that I am a talented child of God...I know He has created me uniquely with many special skills and talented. I am, however, unsure of what they are some days. And recently I have been given a chance to feel useful again in 2 areas.
About 2 weeks ago I was approached to take some photos to have them displayed in a public area. Did you hear that..PUBLIC AREA! Since I am not a photographer by profession but I am a photographer by hobby, I was quite nervous. But in the end...I trusted my judgement, and with a little help from friends, was able to pull off 2 amazing photographs. I was able to see them tonite displayed in all of their glory for a very large crowd to see (and critique as most knew I had done them). Might I add that these were critiqued by the likes of my husbands co-workers and boss'. I will add that they all loved them and even spoke of asking me to do more for another location!
Second, on more of a personal note, I have accomplished what I would call a milestone. You see 5 years ago (before I was pregnant the first time) I was an avid runner and would average about 25 - 30 miles a week. I enjoyed it, but also enjoyed the results. It came at as a relatively easy thing for me to do with plenty of time and plenty of energy. Then came baby #1...I ran through the first 3 months and then stopped until after my 6 week check. I could never get back to the same mileage without practically keeling over though. Then came baby #2...I ran through almost 7 full months and still after my checkup could not regain the same mileage. It just seemed so hard to pass 3 miles at a time. I continued though. Then came baby #3....I again ran for quite a while...through about 5 1/2 months. Still, yet again, I could not regain my mileage...even though it was the longest I had gone without becoming pregnant (almost 8 months) it was harder than ever and I could not figure it out. So then came baby #4 (don't worry I am almost done with this long winded story)...and I have regained my mileage only 4 short months after having her. I don't know how...I don't know why! Lord knows it is not for a surplus of time or energy. But it has, in some great way, allowed me to feel empowered again.
These are not amazing talents or gifts...just my hobbies. But in some amazing way God knew that a simple stay at home parent needed to feel useful again. And here I sit tonite, with a huge grin on my face, feeling very useful. Thank you Lord.


Miss said…
your running TOTALLY impresses me! I can hardly make a mile. blah

Isnt it AMAZING how God uses such small, seemingly little things to make us feel full of life?!
Ehlan said…
Good for you! I totally can't run either! :) I saw you out running the other day--you were too focused and didn't see me wave. :)
Sorry Ehlan...with the ipod and all I kind of get focused...I am usually praying or something!
raggedy ash said…
you astound me.

raggedy ash said…
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raggedy ash said…

i know this post is old, but it's good...

i took the text from this post and made a cool word picture. i think you'll really dig this site...maybe a new header idea?

loving you big from 8 blocks away!

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