It's Lunchtime!

I laughed very hard today as I read a fellow blogger's post of feeding her children. I laughed so hard because I had just taken a photograph of a recent lunch that I had offered my many children. It was a lunch that was...well...say less than perfect, less than balanced, and somewhat of an oxymoron. But, for that time, it was what I could muster myself to make. It served it's purpose and it served it, for them, well! I can't be everything , all of the time, for everyone. But I am real. So here it is!

To be exact:

All white meat organic chicken nuggets

Sweet and Sour Sauce (from McD's...definitely not organic)

Green Bell Pepper Slices

Baby Carrots



Miss said…
I am confuse as to why this isnt a good meal>>> I am serious.
Hey!! I just came across your blog and first thing I noticed that we had in common other than being happily married and a mother is our names!! I'm Alicia too!! Nice to meet you. Stop by our page sometime. Have a great day! :o)

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