Wordless Wednesday

UPDATED: Just a short explanation is due! Yes this was my monday night...Movie with a friend and Laundry! And let me tell you it was a lot. I usually do 2-3 loads a day from start to finish...and well...that just hasn't happened for about a week! OOOppps! But hey.."what happens in vegas"...that is a funny movie!


AMANDA said…
I can totally relate!!
laundry is crazy huh!

Sara T said…
I love to run too, and find it amazing you were able to run through even 5 months of pregnancy. I only ran to the fridge and cupboard when pregnant.
I log about 35-35 miles a week as well, and your right, it is tough to find the time, the energy, and not feel guilty for taking away from something else.
Do you know if there is a running club/ect in our area? I would love to find other local runners around here.

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