Keep 'em comin'!

The miles that is!

Well let me back up! In a previous post I talked about my struggle to achieve the same distance I have in the past. Especially pre-children...that seemed unthinkable! And I am not sure what has changed this time, but things are just soaring along as I take my weekly runs.

Here is what I am comparing. After I had Sylvi (babe #3) I had about 7 months before I was pregnant again with babe #4. And in those months I was still about 15 pounds heavier than I am now. I was running less than half the distance I am today and I felt exhausted and not nearly as strong. Right now Pearl (babe #4) is only 5 1/2 months old! See the difference?

Now I know times are different....some major, MAJOR things had happened right around Sylvi's birth that could have caused some issues. But all in all, I think,...well...I FEEL like my body, mind and soul are somehow healing. "From what?", you ask. I am not sure.....but I can guess. Grief, physical stress of childbirth 4 years in a row, Stress from having many small children, Healing of my soul, and rejuvenation of my personal relationship with Christ. Just to name a few.

But no matter how, why or when, God has allowed this to bless me in unspeakable measures.


** Sara ** said…
YaY! I love hearing about people running! It makes me want to run. I am going to trot 10 miles today. I am lucky though, I have a treadmill that my sweet man bought me for our 10th anniversary. It isn't the same as outside, but is nice for late at night and bad weather. If I get lucky, neither boy tries to put a toy on the belt while I am going 6.8 mph. I am going to biff it big someday.
Just remember to stretch. So my doctor told me. I listen to him all the time.
Miss said…
I feel the same way! I mean...the whole new empowered feeling. Feeling stronger in many areas than ever before. YOU ARE my insperation lady!

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