Dust Bunnies!

For 2 whole days I have been searching for my beloved Dust Buster. This thing gets me through many days with my sanity in tact. It allows me to quickly clean up wet or dry messes without breaking out the big guns (aka Kirby) until I have time to do a full on clean. This week I watched an extra child and he liked it also...so I thought he may have "put" it somewhere I wasn't aware. So my faithful friend, Jess, and I searched and searched EVERYWHERE. We came to realize that we were just going to have to deal without it, broke out the Kirby and the broom and went to work. Jess cleaned up breakfast mess (homemade blueberry muffins and 3 toddlers creates quite a crummy mess), while I got to prepping my sons walls for painting. While pulling things away from the walls we found many a cobweb and dust bunny! But again, missing the dust buster we had to deal with a broom! Can you imagine...a BROOM!

Finally, while cursing it under our breath, we broke out the broom and began sweeping.....ONLY to find that as we were sweeping we almost swept UP THE DUST BUSTER which was hidden behind the door. We almost died laughing and I practically wet myself!

You see we are both a little OCD about things and it took all we had to get past the fact that it was here somewhere...but we just couldn't find it!

So lo and behold...the Dust bunnies are gone!


=) you ocd girls!! I cant wait to see what you do to Finns room!

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