And so on...

Apparently it was also a "thoughtless Thursday", "Frenzied Friday" and "Scary Saturday". There have been a multitude of activities, responsibilities and small children running my life this week which has not left much time for my own, private brain activity (i.e. blogging).
But I will leave you now with a funny commentary.
On Saturday morning, as my husband headed off to another long days work, the children and I head to the local farmers market. This is truly one of my favorite summer luxuries. And this time of year it is heaped with variety in plants, bakery goodness, farm fresh produce and natural goods. The children and I were enjoying this amazing morning of cool breezes and warm sun kissed faces. We had strolled the market and purchased our goods. We then sat ourselves down at the adjacent coffee shop to enjoy some of our goods. We opened up a package of some amazingly fresh "orange rolls" and enjoyed them while taking in the slow paced morning. It was shortly there after that a couple, in their mid 6o's, passed by us. At that exact moment my son dropped his farm fresh apple onto the ground....the women kindly retrieved it for him and said "I'm sure you use the 10 minute rule?!", "At least!" I said.
We continued to enjoy our morning and about 4 minutes later they passed again on their way out. This is where the goodness starts.
The gentlemen passed, looking at my children (behaving wonderfully by the way) and says "you should have 3 more!". "I would love to!" I said with a huge grin on my face...thinking that would be the end. But no...he says "You'd think God would have given you some brains (while weirdly smirking)". "Oh He did...and a big heart too!" I said completely naive to the insult I was just dealt. "Your kids are very beautiful." the woman kindly stated...and this ended the interaction.
Now I kid you not, I did not realize how insulted I was until I had a moment to think about what was said. This was a moment, where in my flesh, my replies would not have been so joy filled. They were spot.on for sure...but God spoke Saturday morning, when I could not have said it any better. WOW.


4under3 said…
See...I wish comments like yours flowed out like that. I'm usually so dumbfounded at comments like that, I don't think up great responses until I'm driving away in the car FUMING!

Way to go! What you said was perfect!
Ehlan said…
Oh man Alicia...that's a bad one! I must say, I take a little solace in knowing I'm not the only one who gets stupid things said to!
Miss Kate said…
I'm a random lurker who just has to comment... WHY would anyone say such a thing? I just don't understand why people feel that it is okay to judge and comment on how many children people have. That's just rude! Your uterine activity is not his business!

Your response was beautiful!

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