The Time has come

And that's a fact!
Ok he needed a cut...BAD. He has some pretty crazy directional hair issues in the we had to tame it down! Cute none.the.less! Posting of "after pics" will come soon!


raggedy ash said…
is that just perfectly timed photography or was he actually sitting there so nicely for a big boy haircut? he looks so well-behaved in the pix... is it an optical illusion? :)

Ehlan said…
I loved Sylvi sitting in front-- When's my turn? :)
Can't wait to see what the end result was...Im sure Mandy did a wonderful job. and yea...I totally agree with Ash. Did he really sit still, he is always on the move I cant believe that he would sit still for that long. By the way sorry I missed your call the other days, seems that we are playign phone tag. I don't work at all tomorrow so I will be around my phone all day, so give me a ring if and when you can. Love you AL.

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