Wine? In North Dakota?

That's right. There is a "winery", well actually a couple, in North Dakota. We decided to visit the Dakota Hills Winery the other day. It boasted a petting zoo, picnic area and FREE wine tasting. So, we hoped, it would be a kid friendly & Adult friendly outing.
The building above is said winery. It wasn't much, but it did make wine...darn good wine at that! We did a little tasting and the animals!

The goats were a big hit with the kids (get goats are called kids!) and we also got to see peacocks, a baby cow, alpacas, ducks and chickens!
The grounds were just beautiful, the company...well...that was a little weird! The woman who ran the winery was a little wacko!~ My theory is that way in the middle of "no-where" she doesn't get much company and when we do arrive she goes crazy!
This is the cow she was allowing to suck her fingers directly before our wine tasting! Which might I add, was AW.SOME! They produce some really great wines. Mostly non-grape wines....many berry wines...honey...oh so good!
And the picnic of course. While momma was in tasting wine, the children were enjoying a beautiful day and a picnic lunch!

But really, it was rather enjoyable and if nothing more it was an experience I will remember forever! So we're off again to enjoy another adventure here in North Dakota. Wishing you all could be here in "smalltown USA"!


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