What a chic!

That's my sis....an amazing sis and chic in general! And hey Jessi isn't so bad either! This is a pic of my sis Ashley (Left) and Jessi (right) with Lilly at a Movie in the Park. What great people!

You see we don't really hire babysitters around here...and if we have a sitter it's family. So last night Scott and I ventured out to a late dinner in the "city" to celebrate our anniversary. Who did we trust...well Ash and Jessi, to watch our children. So when I think of hiring a sitter...I think that when you pay someone they should pick up and do dishes and all of those great things (time permitting of course)...but when es Gratis? Then I feel there is no need for the extras! But upon arrival home last night we were not only greeted by, first and foremost, loved up, cared for, sleeping children, but also this!

A sink of Sparkling clean dishes...they were not as such when we left! I am more so amazed you were able to find time in the hectic nature of our house so somehow accomplish this! PROPS!

So Ash....Jessi...Thanks again for, most importantly.....loving my children enough to care for 4 very small munchkins at once! They sure love you guys!

**Jessi I know you really did the dishes....CRAZY! But thanks none.the.less!**


raggedy ash said…
the highlights of our night (in no particular order/rank):
1) All of us, yes all of us (even Pearlie!), playing in the back of jessi's mini-truck pretending to hide from dragons, snakes and ford taurus sedans attacking us!
2) Lilly making a very convincing sales pitch to me about why I need more dress-up clothes, fake flowers and toys that my dogs don't chew on at my house.
3) Getting to pray with each of them before they drifted off to sleep. (rather quickly and painlessly, I must say!)
4) Flipping back and forth between Miami Ink & Shear Genius, chillaxing on the teddy bear feeling couch in your basement. COMFY-COZY!

I'm the luckiest. Glad you had a fantastic, meatnormous meal!

honored & grateful,
ash <3
4under3 said…
I know. Family sitters are the best. Especially when they do the dishes. It's hard for me to even leave our children with someone other than family. Then we found a sweetheart 16 year old. She's the daughter of a lady at church...and she was great. We've only used her a handful of times since we usually get family..but she'll drop everything to come over.

Glad you guys had a great time. What meat did you eat?
Ehlan said…
My mom always does my dishes when she watches Liv too--it's a Godsent!

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