Let the Good Times Roll

This past weekend has been a complete whirlwind experience. These things, in and of themselves, would not have been so much,...but together they can get even the best of us a little frazzled. So here's the rundown.

Saturday we had a wedding at least 1 1/2 hours away at 3:00pm (anyone with small children knows...that's nap time). We also had to pack to stay the night in a hotel that evening and for a full day sunday as well. The wedding and reception were at a residence so we had to bring all things along that we may need for about 8 hours. Only a few minor setbacks (bee sting, soiled diapers, distant potty's for little ones) we successfully navigated the evening and managed to have a wonderful time as well! Much to our dismay, however, mapquest failed us yet again providing non existent roads, incorrect direction and completely ridiculous directions. So it should have taken 20 minutes to get to the hotel, and instead it took an hour and 20 minutes. After finally arriving, the room was not as it should have been. We then changed rooms and managed to carry 3 sleeping and 1 screaming child into the room and get settled in. Sunday morning we were greeted by a very good complimentary breakfast, to only find that once again mapquest had failed us. As on our way to a large amusement park we again encountered non existent roads, incorrect directions and what not. However, sunday proved to be an amazing day with my family. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves enough to stay at the amusement park for over 8 hours! Yes that's right...no naps AGAIN and all children in tow handled themselves relatively well! It was a beautiful day and the day just wasn't long enough. It was an amazing way to end the weekend. And the cherry on top was meeting up at my sisters house at about 8:30 pm for a short fire and marshmallows!

So....it was crazy...it wasn't easy...bu these are the things that I think we will look back on and say we were glad we did them.
The following are photos from the wedding...it was held at a palatial residence...that I was completely overwhelmed by. I couldn't even begin to take the photos to explain it to you!

Oh yes...these are my children crashing the garter thingy! They wouldn't leave the dance floor!


who's wedding. Can't think of the name but Waynes, friend from works daughter...that was Zachy's age...?
Miss said…
what is a palatial residence???
To answer both of your questions...Yes, korrina, Nicky Vossen.

And miss, palatial meaning an amazing place...palace like...and residence meaning home or where someone resides.
4under3 said…
Look at you!! How cute are these pictures! I'm so glad are posting more pics of you, little dolly.

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