Out, Out & Away!

We have escaped the normalcy of life for a time. The children and I left on Tuesday morning and will return....well I am not sure, it will probably be another week or so! We escaped to NoDak again, minus my husband who had to work, for a much needed break from life. Our home is a "revolving door" of visitors, and is much of the time, occupied by many people aside from me and the children. An orchestra of ringing phones, children's voices and conversation fill our ears.

So...we left. We...up and left with not much notice.

So far we have not done much...THANKFULLY, and I can't wait to do more of the same in the coming days. I am enjoying my children to a level not recently experienced. We are playing, jogging, riding bikes, eating and enjoying a tiny little town.

Here are a couple of photos...and the reason that there are only a couple is that I have not even been choosing to make time to have my camera along! Just my children, me and my mom & sis.

Feel free to check in as I may update....but if not....well I will catch you when I return. Whenever that may be!!


Jessica said…
Hi I found your blog a few days ago from Mck Mama's blog; I was just wondering if you were the one who managed to get the message about Stellan up on the McDonalds sign? I thought maybe?

Anyways you children are adorable! and I have enjoyed reading your blog :)
Jessica said…

I also meant to say happy belated birthday to your son, he and my son share the same b-day *grin*
Hey Alicia-
Love your blog and check it frequently. I shamelessly copied your blog feed on ours.
Love from Brooklyn-Laura (and Vergie)
raggedy ash said…
a couple of questions...

1) How did Pearl triple in beauty in one week?
2) Where are Lilly's doggles to match her dress?
3) How come I can't teleport to NoDak?

If you have any answers, let me know. If not, see you when I see you (miss noncomittal about your departure date...nice.)

ani ash
Miss said…
I am glad you are doing so well!! I have been praying so much for you!

I am glad you are there having a fantastic time

but missing you here! =) Maybe we will get to see eachother before its been an entire month gone by! =)
Megan said…
Sounds lovely...
Ehlan said…
Hope you ar ehaving a wonderful time!

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