Ok I guess a better way to say it would be STOLEN! That's right, you heard me. In my small, quaint town our vehicle was stolen from the front of our house! I know the questions you will ask and no it was not locked, and no the keys were not in it.

Both my husband and I grew up in this area and I have to be honest and say that we have never locked our house or our cars. It just wasn't something we were taught. Albeit both of us lived a little further in the "country" than we do now, but it simply was not a habit we had formed. However, in the last 5-10 years this community has grown leaps and bounds beyond what it was, and unfortunately I have denied it all of the way. Please do not misunderstand, I love the superstores and restaurants that have come with the growth, just not the increase in people whom I do not know and petty crimes. I would not describe myself as naive to these things, but I will say I blocked them from my mind.

Needless to say it caught up with us. Neither my husband nor I have ever known anyone who has had a vehicle stolen from them, so this event proved to be a little shocking. Here's how it went.

Tuesday night I arrived home, driving my husbands vehicle, at approximately 10pm. I had ery feelings the whole way home, and even went as far as to be suspicious about this vehicle of 4 young men who were driving erratically in front of me. They, however, turned the opposite direction of me onto my street and I thought nothing of it. My husbands vehicle is rather new and I am not used to how the lights work, so I remember getting out, unlocking it, getting my things from the back seat, (possibly locking it back up) and then standing at the sidewalk awaiting the lights to shut off. As I stood there, again, feeling completely uneasy, looking around and not knowing why. In to the house I went, and about 12 we went to bed.

The next morning went as usual. My husband was up at 5 working in his office...the children and I arose shortly thereafter. We ate breakfast together and off he went. I followed him out our front door where I looked puzzled at the street. He then looked back at me and I said, "where is your car?". He stared back at me and said, "where did you park it?", "Right there!" I said pointing to the street!

So that's that...it was gone.

Now, before I could even get this posted....IT WAS FOUND! It was found about 7 hours away in Chicago, IL. WHAT????? So odd, and also odd it was not trashed. My husband clothing, shoes, ties, and business materials are apparently still in tact. We will see when it is returned really how it looks...but WOW! It has been quite a week!


susanc said…
Wow....I'm so glad it was found.
I grew up in Sydney and have been the exact opposite...always locking everything, not making eye contact if you walk down the street, not chatting easily to shop assistants or other people you may come into daily contact with. It is a very insular way to be raised, but somewhat necessary.
Luckily we are now living somewhere that suits us both so much more. Queenslanders, the state in which I live, a renowned for lovin' a good old chat!!! We still lock everything always and double check mostly...but it's a better life than a big city, for us anyway.
So glad it was found. :):)
That is crazy! We've had our garage broken into but no cars stolen. My best friend in hs had her car stolen though. Crazy! Glad it was found.

Miss said…
Rachel could drive it back for you!!

Umm...Our car was stolen 3 years ago from the people's parking lot. Yep that's right STOLEN! It was missing however for four days. The people who stole it did 3 gas and go's in St. Cloud before they smashed in in the middle of the city (into a tree I might add!). Also when we went to pick it up there was a ton of other stolen stuff...a bow and arrow gun thing (whatever you know what I mean), a poker set and some other random stuff. There was also some steamy drug addict love letters. It was really bizzare. The worst part of it all was the feeling of violation. It sounds naive but the nerve of someone taking what we had worked very hard for (newlyweds!). Anyways the insurance just paid us for it, plus 1,000 extra bucks which we put on a better car! So I feel your pain!
Jill said…
I am shocked-- i can't believe it.
I'm so glad that it was found, but holy cow!!!

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