In the silence

I was awoken first by my son who "thought" he was ready to be awake. I summoned him to do something I had always said I would never do....yep I asked him to crawl in bed with me. After some coaxing he agreed, and wouldn't you know aobut 20 minutes later in walks my daughter, Lilly. She, needing no coaxing, crawled in on my other side. There I lay in a baby sandwich and all I could think about was how blessed I am to be a mother to these 4 wonderful children.

There are so many things you think you know about yourself prior to having children. That all changes...your standards change, your outlook changes, your character changes....everything changes. How grateful I am to have had to change for them.

I know the Lord created me to be a is only through Him that I can be a great mother.


Megan said…
IT's the best...

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