My lovely boy!

My baby boy turned 3 today! As my heart recalls how it grew that day, my mind recalls the events as if it were yesterday.

We had a small get together with family and made some wonderful memories. We enjoyed a simple brunch on the front lawn followed with, of course, CAKE!

He has grown so much especially this past year. He has turned from a small child to a full on toddler! There are so many emotions that come in this season of my life, as my children grow, become more independent, and remind me that life is flying by. I have, of late, decided to make a consorted effort to slow down and enjoy these days. I know they will not last.

So, Mr. Finn, as of 11:57pm you arrived into our life. You made our family 4, and you changed our lives. Finn, the things I remember when you were born are so clear in my mind. I remember that moment that your Daddy looked at me and said, "It's a boy". I was so happy and so elated. Then they put you in my arms....tears rolled down my cheeks and I knew, at that very moment, that you had stolen a piece of my heart and I would never get that back. I knew that I had connected with you that very moment our eyes met....I knew that my life was forever changed by such a small little man. I knew that some day, unintentionally, you would break my heart. I knew...I just knew that you were our little Mr. Finn.

You have proved to me that all of these things are true and more. Not one day has gone by that has been uneventful. You have proven to be "all boy", as I say, and have not slowed down since the day you arrived. Finn, we love you.


susanc said…
Happy days!!!! that first shot is fantastic...I love it :):)
Happy Birthday Finn! Love all the pictures and the matching outfits. :)

Miss said…
how can he be 3 already?? I feel like he was JUST born! (but then I remember you have had 2 more! haha!)

they couldnt be any cuter in the matching outfits!!

happy belated birthday Finn!!
raggedy ash said…
finn. gracious, hilarious, gentle like a polar bear, rough like baby gorilla, heartbreakingly cute, chiseled, gifted, concerned, transparent, tender, smile-inducing, powerful beyond his years, meaningful beyond his capacity, and simply awesome.

thanks for throwing a simple celebration where the main attraction, finn, shined through.

big love,
ani <3
4under3 said…
I love the matching outfits. And what a fabulous golf stance. He'll go pro.

Happy Birthday Finn.

yay for Finny. I love the pic of you and all the babies! Miss you all very much! Hope to see ou soon.

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