Running down the country road I notice something. As a car passes I move into the grass when my legs begin to be pelted by what seems like hundreds of grasshoppers. I am not sure if I was delirious because of the 90 degree heat or if this was truly an insight, but nonetheless, here it goes.
I watched many grasshoppers, some tiny, some with wings, some large and some green, take off into these amazing leaps. There were some that would leap up to 5 feet, and the flying type would go upwards of 10 feet. They looked as though they were flying smoothly through the air without a care in the world; no thought of what was behind peripheral vision and no idea what was about to happen. Because when they landed...they almost inevitably crashed. Not one landed though they had not prepared for the landing...thinking only of the initial flight.
I couldn't help but thinking how this applies to me daily. How I do things that, by worldly standards, may seem so smooth and beautiful. But I fail, time and time again, to think of the think of anything around me and prepare. For there are times that I am boastful, proud and feel like I am doing this on my own...and it's only when I "crash" and realize that I had forgotten to think of the ending. To ask for a blessing all the way to the end and give thanks to the One who makes life possible.


raggedy ash said…
i heart analogies...i just eat 'em up! that's a very poignant one, al. and...i'm really proud that you were able to reflect on grasshoppers in this way instead of the heebie-jeebies reaction you've historically had to insect-skin contact. :)

big love.

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