Accomplished AGAIN!

I know that to some of you this may not cause you to feel excitement or joy or any other emotion above the "norm". For me? This is huge. This is an accomplishment. This is something not in the "norm".

I now have 2 public locations where my photography has been put on public display. It is intended to stay there for years and was my vision.

This, to me, is insane. I was not looking to get into photography. It found me. I wasn't looking for a "job". It found me. I was not looking to feel....oh wait! I was looking for a little sense of accomplishment outside of my "household"! And thankfully, IT FOUND ME!

It has not been a job, it has been a joy (ok...a little tense at times, but that's another story). It has been so amazing to hear that others like my "work". And it's even more amazing that I have gotten to do this with little or no expectations put on me...about what it should look like, or what the photos should be of, or even how large or small they should be.

I am amazed at this blessing to explore my talents and feel like I am still a part of the world that surrounds the walls that are my home.

Feeling blessed always!


Anne said…
Congrats...where is it hanging at?
Congrats! Where are these pictures?
You need to post some examples for us to see!
Miss said…
Alicia, I am SOOO proud of you! Seriously...and the photos you have done ARE amazing. you should be MORE than proud of yourself! =)
4under3 said…
Oh YEA! I'd love to see the pics.

Ehlan said…
Congrats! Yes, please tell us 1. where they are and 2. post them so we can see some!!

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