Good GREAT morning!

Well ok....that just may be a bit sarcastic. Because as of right now it's not so great!
I had just finished making oatmeal with Cinnamon/raisins/pecans for breakfast...the children singing my praises, when Finn excused himself ever so discretely to go to the restroom. "I HAVE TO GO POOPY!", he yelled at me from 1 foot away. He left and I continued on thinking about posting regarding Pearl's new eating habits. All 3 girls were thoroughly enjoying their breakfast when from the other room, "I NEED HELP WIPING!", he yells as usual. I excuse myself and hear from Lilly, who beat me back to the bathroom, "THERE'S POOP ON THE SHOWER CURTAIN!". "OH NO, really? Come on!", I say. And to my horror she was truthful in her exclamation. There was indeed poop on the shower curtain in several places. And the floor. And his underwear. And his shorts. And his hands. And his legs. And the toilet seat. And, did I say....HIS HANDS!

Ok...I'm calming down now. Yes this is reality in my life. There was excrement everywhere (so it felt). So I quickly calmed myself down with the comfort that it wasn't really everywhere. I allowed him to finish while he exclaims, "I am sorry mommy! I am sorry mommy!", continuously. Maybe he was reacting from me storming in the room fully expecting it to look like a hand grenade of feces had exploded. Or maybe it was because there were literally tears rolling down my face as my "perfect" morning had just been interrupted. Nevertheless, I reply, "Finn I forgive you honey! But if you do this again you'll be wearing Sylvi's diapers. Do you hear me?". He finishes. I strip him down and plop him straight in shower...errr...wait we don't have a I guess it's a bath. I continue disinfecting any and all things wipeable while he stands there naked. I then turn and wash him...ALL OF HIM...thoroughly until he finally says, "Mommy I don't want to wear a diaper. Can I pleeease get new undies and jammies?". I break down...I allow it. Heck...what's a little poop here and there, right?

All the while Pearl sits in her bumbo watching the ordeal while wondering why I ripped her from our wonderful feeding at the kitchen table. By the time we return she isn't interested in her food anymore. And so it goes. What a good GREAT morning!


Ehlan said…
Boy oh boy... I hope the rest of your day involves poop only in diapers and on toilets! :)
Miss said…
and I bet you still have the smell of POOP in your nose, don't you?! =)
Becca said…
Yuck! You aren't alone though- I once found myself 37 weeks pregnant and cleaning poop off our bathroom walls with a toothbrush (an old one, of course :). Those days really stink (he, he), don't they?!?
yuck... been there too many times to even remember. :)


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