Romance never dies.

Allow me to set the scene for you.
It's mid afternoon. The ground has a pristine white snow cover and the sun is juuust shining through the trees as it begins it's decent. The house is quiet...a bit chilled...and still. My husband shows up a bit early, only to have more work to do. He goes to his office and continues. Not long after he enters for a small snack to tide him over until dinner. We chat. He looks through every cupboard, subsequently leaving all doors open as well. I come behind him closing them....and then he turns to me. "What about that goat cheese?". I begin preparations. And as if we were completely alone...Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion playing in the background, we enjoy our favorite snack lately.
It lasts a moment or two (or at least long enough for each of us to each a couple of crackers), until voices are heard. That's right! We're not alone. In fact I had a baby on my hip the whole time. But for just a moment....I had that if it were just he and I. That is as romantic as it gets here (on a daily basis anyhow). The moments shared...that feel like they are straight out of a movie. But I assure you, it was literally moments!

Thankfully Sylvi was willing to help me sustain Pearl with a snack, while I noshed on just one final cracker piled high with goat cheese.


Miss said…
I love it! It reminds me of a commercial where the couple is sitting across the dinner table from eachother, touching feet underneath, making eyes at eachother....not tearing them from one another even while they take a bight of food and then

BAM! someone (a child) throws something across the table hitting yet another child
and just like that, the moment is gone! =)

But, at least we get those moments now and then! =)

and...I would like some of that dip please!
Megan Marie said…
Oh! I know, no more of the long romantic conversations over dinner! Wouldn't change it though!

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