It's "Real Life"

The title of this wonderful therapy session is:
It's Real Life: Kitchen Organization
So here is my embarrassing truth. The reality of what my organization is before I organize it for photos or guests. As I was shooting these my husband so wonderfully said, "oh are you taking photos of your new organization?" which I replied, "what are you talking about? I haven't organized them...that's the whole point!". So no joke, this is the real deal!
Be sure to head back to Farm Fresh to check out other peoples untouched real life organization (or lack there of in my case!).

This is the plastic food storage area! What a mess! That box is there just to keep the lids under "wraps"!

This is the pans and baking items. Typically fairly organized...but not always!

This is the top of the refrigerator! What a mish mash of things! A tv (that doesn't ever get used because we don't have reception and haven't watched TV in over 3 months), a johnny jump up, and an extra crock pot. Don't forget all of the possible dust bunnies too!

This is the storage above the stove. Some serving pieces go here as well as coffee and mugs. Ooooh I drool just looking at all of that glorious coffee!

These are the spices to the left of the stove. I have always wanted a little "step" shelf for the spices, but never get to it at the store. It would really assist in finding things more quickly. I also have wanted to get little clear jars for all of my spices. Just for looks of course!

This is a large area that used to house a wall over back in "the day". Now it houses juice, wine, more serving items and paper products. Occasionally it's a hiding spot for momma's special treats!
Everyday dishes and glasses are stored here. I'm impressed with myself!!! It looks great!

This is the baking area which also houses the cook books on the top shelf. What you can't see is that the cupboard does this weird thing and is all open to the left behind the other cupboard. So there is all this open space back there that becomes the "twilight zone". Things get lost back there!
This is the cereal & grain area. Oh yeah...and it's also the cupboard above my it houses my camera and misc. bill paying items. It is kind of a hodge podge...but it works!
Oh my goodness~! They all look the same! My kitchen looks like a repeat over and over of the same stuff! I need some organization too! Really...that would require about $500 and an afternoon alone at Ikea! Anyone have that?
Thanks for the subject matter Jessica!


Laura said…
I just took our Johnny Jump Up off the fridge last week. Figured it was time after all Mason is now 18 months.
Loved the tour.
Stefanie said…
Thanks for playing along. I have enjoyed my tour too and wonder that nearly all of our cupboards look the same - no matter where in the world we're from. Just wish we had ikea.

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