If I must!

Oh you all think you have got us pinned don't you!!! Well you are wrong. Scott did NOT go in for a vasectomy. Ok well maybe he was going to have one...and opted out at the very.last.stinkin.moment.possible. But he didn't go through with that portion of the operation!

He did, however, have a hernia repaired yesterday! And he is doing well....you know...as well as a person never experiencing the horrific pain of childbirth can. (heheh just kidding...well kind of!)


4under3 said…
Ohhhh. You sound like our neighbors. They have 3 girls, their youngest being born 2 weeks after our twins. He had an appointment for the big V-job and canceled last minute.

He really wants a boy because he is the last boy to carry the family name. I wonder how many girls they would end up with before a boy?

Megan Marie said…
Darn, I thought I guessed right...I mean not darn that it wasn't the vasectomy, just darn that I was wrong. We women don't like to be wrong! I'll pray for fast healing!
Ehlan said…
I totally thoughtI had that one in the bag too! Well I guess we were right in some ways!! :) Here's to a speedy recovery anyway!
4under3 said…

Do you know something that I don't know?


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