"Not Me" Monday

Come one, Come all and join this carnival of sorts! Be sure to check back here to either join in the fun or find hundreds of others who already have....be prepared to laugh hysterically at some of these "not me's"! Some people......tehhehe.

This weeks seems to have flown by...what with the holiday, out of town guests, many...MANY small children and a million things to do! So here we go with the list of things that I did not allow to clutter that time.
With all that was happening this week I did NOT forget that Lilly was supposed to bring rolls and butter to school on Thursday. I then would NOT have had to get all children packed up extra early...pile them all in the car...subsequently piling them all in a cart at the grocery store only to run in for 5 minutes to get buns. Then I definitely did NOT allow them to eat the "Free Cookie" at 7:50am with no other breakfast in their bellies.
My husband and I did NOT have to remind ourselves hundreds of times on Saturday to keep our cool and be "slow to anger" as our previous Sunday's message had instructed us to do. We didn't have to hold our tongues...bite our lips just to prevent ourselves from FLIPPING A LID AT THESE CHILDREN WHO JUST WON'T SETTLE DOWN. I MEAN COME ON RUNNING AROUND LIKE MANIACS 24 HOURS A DAY JUST ISN'T RIGHT! Instead we certainly did NOT makes jokes about it to one another while allowing misfortune after misfortune slide without consequence! No...not us. We would always follow through with the highest amount of vigor in order to raise up children of complete obedience.
Last evening I was trying to complete a fax my mom had asked me to do. I did NOT sit down at one of our 2 all in one printer thingy's....dial the number...and proceed to allow it to beep at me for oh...say...about 1 minute before remembering this, in fact, is the one that is not hooked to a phone line. I am much smarter than that and would definitely realize that the "beeping" noise coming from the machine annoyingly was NOT normal...and would have figured it out quickly. NOT ME!
And once again on Thanksgiving day I did NOT turn on the wrong burner on the stove top as I was preparing dinner. That burner did not proceed to get red.hot. only to have it pointed out to me by my husband right before I was going to set something there. I certainly learned my lesson from the "plate burning incident" and would NOT have done it again.
While doing a little family shopping last Saturday, fully prepared of course, we did NOT have a couple minor issues. While strolling through the craft store, the baby began to fuss and we finally pulled her out of her seat only to find what the fussing was about. She was pooped...big time. But, prepared as I always am, I did NOT have to change her (taking off all of her clothes except her socks, shoes, and light sweater) and then proceed to continue our shopping with a baby with NO PANTS! I would NOT.
On that same trip we did NOT lose it when the "bigs" began a minor meltdown. In that meltdown Finn did NOT bash his nose in on the front bar of the cart and scream as if he was a dying hyena. And then...we should have left...so we definitely did not console him and get things back to (somewhat) normal and continue shopping. NOT US!
And last but not least....on 2 separate occasions this week I did NOT allow Scott to pick up the baby knowing that she was "probably" pooped all the way up her back. When she sits in her Bumbo seat this is common...but some of us catch up more quickly than others! So I did not allow her to pick our sweet smelling girl up thinking he was in for a snuggle...knowing that there was more to her that met the eyes! Not me!
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4under3 said…
You leave the stinky diapers to hubs too?

I sometimes pretend I don't smell it and then ask hubs if he'd like to "put that one" to bed tonight. Knowing full well what he's in for.

I like that you spell Lilly with three Ls.

I am fairly exhausted after reading your post.
HeeHee. I do the diaper thing to Corey all the time. Wait, i better go, he is looking over and might see this and catch on! great list. Corey and i are planning to visit your church in the next couple of weeks. we might be out of town on the 14th, but aren't sure yet.

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