Christmas, our style, begins...

And so every year this is when it begins. The season of celebration begins with an Overby Family celebration. We host and they all come for a day of festivities. We exchange gifts, we eat a meal (prepared by yours truly of course!), we play cards.
Well they play cards...I don't!

And when we open gifts. And when we do, I assure you it is mass chaos! There is paper flying, giggles giggling, a boy yelling, flashes flashing. But it seems there was one tiny babe who enjoyed it thoroughly!
And another bunny who was quite chilly after a little jaunt in the blizzard that was happening outside.But after a long day, I have to say, I am so thankful to have the husband and family that God has gifted me. That gift, is the best I could ask than I could ask for.
And after this, it will continue. The celebrations. The gift opening. The thankfulness.


Miss said…
I am pretty sure the "ski bunny" outfit just upped the sass for that little girl! =) ...if that is possible I mean!

cute! You have my dvd of J&K+8ahhhhhhh is at your house! bum i want to watch it!
4under3 said…
Alicia, your tree looks wonderful! And your day sounds just as grand. I love the Ski Bunny duo.

Megan Marie said…
changed my blog address!
The ski bunny outfit is WAY too cute! Glad you had a good Christmas. It might be best that the hubby opted out at the last minute for the surgery. Mine did it, and I StIlL hear about it! And that is after watching me birth our children!

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