Sweet Baby Pearl

How long can you actually call a child a "baby"? For she is now 8 months old (well yesterday, but you know...I had the flu and didn't get to the computer).

She is a complete amazement to me, as I clue in on her every development. I am not going to say that I haven't watched my other children grow as closely as I have watched her, but there sometimes just hasn't been the opportunity. And this time I have been able to come along side my other children and explore, learn and play with our babe. This has allowed me to see her in different and unique ways.

That said, our babe is progessing wonderfully! Not too slow, not too fast! At 8 mos. she is:
Crawling, army style!
Cooing, Gooing and sometimes a vowel
Rolling around everywhere and making herself known
Eating mostly "adult" food, just in small pieces
Still nursing
Beginning attempts at drnking out of a sippy
She's about the size of 20lb turkey?
She is wearing 12 mos. clothing due to her length
If indeed she is to be our last, she is a sweet ending to a wonderful story! And at this point...this is longest I have not been pregnant since the end of 2003! Isn't that some kind of record...probably not...just seems like a lot!
Happy 8 months babe!


Ehlan said…
She is so adorable! I can't believe it's been 8 mos. already!
Kristen said…
She is beautiful! I can't believe it's been 8 months! CRAZY! :)
Megan Marie said…
What a cutie! I find myself getting time to watch Shelby ever so closely as well. Since I know she is my last, I think it is a motherly instinctive thing...it's weird...I like it...but man, mine is 7 months today! Yikes!
Miss said…
I am pretty sure she is NOT 8 months old and instead is like 8 days old...I am PRETTY sure you JUST had her. Isn't that right??

anyways, great pictures!! she is so beautiful. And, the rest of her body has finally caught up with her cheeks! =) haha
RunMommyRun said…
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You have a beautiful family and I love your little one's cheeks! Reminds me of my boys when they were tiny!
8 months... how could that be. I started reading your blog days before you had her. Crazy how time flies!

She is SOOOO adorable!

How sweet! She is super beautiful and always looks happy!!
Jen said…
Hey Alisha! Yep, that blog is mine... :) I've been following yours via an RSS feed for a while now - mom sent it to me (must have got it from your mom). Those two! Hope you are doing well and have a great new year! Keep up the bloggin...love it!
Anonymous said…
Look at those cheeks, she is so beautiful. What a blessing. So neat for you and your other kids to watch her grow.
Bridget said…
im going to be a mommy!!! :) Maybe i'll have to actually get into this "blogging" thing and track my progress like you do!! I love reading your entries!!!

Love ya!! Gidge
I forgot to say on my last comment- The disney cruise was alot of fun. Kids have a chance to meet quite a few of the characters, and they have alot of fun activities, the pirate party and the \bon voyage party were great. The shows on the ship were FaNtAsTic! The boys loved them.
Also, on vacation, my dad, sister and I were talking about the old hockey days. we were talking about the old players Brian played with, and Scott came up. My sis and I told him that you have 4 kids, and Dad was amazed! "Scott has 4 kids!!!" Yep, Dad, he does! Last he heard it was just the older 2. My dad then said, "Scott has always been a good guy."
I shared because I thought it was cute.
amanda said…
adorable! i love the cheeks. my girls, and now my son has them too. :0)

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