This calls for a vacation!

So that may not be literal, but indeed in our imagination.

For a day recovering from the flu (x3) and 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground requires something. Today, that something, began with about an hour and a half outdoors with all 4 children. This is by far the longest we have made it outdoors yet this season. Babe in tow, we trampled across the street to the neighbors for a bit, and then back. We played on our front porch...children insisting that they needed their ducky umbrellas! We lasted as long as my weak arms could hold out (from holding a babe in one arm and holding another babe's hand with the other aghhh!).
Next, Lilly proclaimed that she indeed wished we were in Mexico! Which, dare I say, we usually are this time of year! This year, however, we have all chosen to forgo our usual vacation in an effort to "tighten our belt" along with everyone else!
In lieu of an actual vacation, I was able to grant one of her requests. "Momma can we have some guacamole on our vacation?". Guacamole it was...and what a better inaugural food for me to begin on!
So, as the children descended to the basement to continue playing "beach" in the palapa I had just made them, I prepared fresh guacamole and black bean quesadilla's for our "fiesta"!

All of my efforts to escape the cold and flu may be in vain, however, for I fear my littlest babe is coming down with something! Time will only tell!


amanda said…
you have a super beautiful family! i'll be sure to check back. as i'm another mommy of four under four.
:0) it's always fun to be able to relate to another mommy who 'gets it'.
mandy1391 said…
I'm coming out of "lurking" to say hello, and tell you that you have an amazing blog that puts a smile on my face everyday! Your kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Happy New Year.
Kristen said…
GREAT imaginations!!!'s 2 degrees up here with a windchill even snow yet, but I hear it is coming!
Ehlan said…
Oh man! I hope you are getting healthy! Mmmm...guac sounds DELIGHTFUL!
Miss said…
we never made it outside =( (hence the non phone call to you to let you know!) Oh well.....we will have plenty more days to do that I suppose.

Also, super sad I can't have guacamole anaymore since I guess I am allergic to avacodes...boooo
Hey Mandi1391, Thanks for your encouragement and stopping in! I tried to check out your livejournal but was having some issues! Feel free to email me with instruction or if you page has changed:

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