Because you asked & An Update...

Some of you have asked where my photos are displayed. So I will tell you, you know, because I am a people pleaser and all! Ok and maybe just because I would love for you to all tell me what you think!

I took local photos in both Monticello & Buffalo, Minnesota. Some are now displayed in the New Monticello McDonald's Restaurant near the Target and Office Max off of Hwy 94. The others are displayed in the New Buffalo McDonald's Restaurant off of Hwy 55.

So...have a look see if you are in the area and let me know what you think (if it's nice of course!).
And because I am sure you are all awaiting, with great anticipation my next post...Ok so maybe you're not. But if you haven 't noticed I have not posted since last week! LAST WEEK! So...not me! But, as in many of your lives, I have had my share of craziness lately!

Where to start....I guess I will work my way backwards.

Today, for example, began at 7:45 dropping my husband off for a short stay at the hospital for a quick same day surgery. After that the children and I loaded back up and headed to Costco(about 45 min. away) for some quick shopping. Ate lunch. Headed home to unload groceries and drop children off at home with a sitter, while I headed back to the hospital to retrieve my "precious cargo". Scott and I then headed to pick up prescriptions. Once home I continued to keep the children out of his hair while he rested and visit with a couple of visitors. Later, we had a dinner brought to us by my Sweet Sis and Jessi, and then I was off to do some late night Christmas shopping while my little sis helped with the children. And then it's now...and I am blogging after getting home shortly after midnight!

Well...that was just today. Sometimes, I swear to you, I do not get one darn minute of motionless activity.

On cotton.pickin.minute! REALLY!
This may sound like a joke, but I assure you it is not.

I have embarked on a journey that is proving to be difficult but amazingly exciting. It is an opportunity to re-enter the business world as an entrepreneur. How you ask? I have an invention that I am going to be taking to market sometime this spring. What? Well...I can't really tell you yet. I am working on some major things to get my idea moving....and I promise you, I will let you know more as I can! Exciting right?
The new pastor of my church began this last Sunday! What an amazing day! Over a year after our previous pastors resignation we have a pastor again!
He spoke a wonderful message.....and I can't wait to see what this next year holds for us. God has us in his grips now....what a great place to be!
Remember the recital Lilly had for school last week? Well she had another on Sunday at church. And not only her...Finn and surprisingly, Sylvi too!
My mom brought the "big 3" down for Sunday school. Mistakenly she brought Sylvi in with Lilly & Finn. So up they came to get on the stage and sing their songs....and there she was! Sylvi was looking around like all the other children just waiting. Lilly took her big sister role very seriously and held Sylvi's hands during the prayer and then into the singing! What amazing children!
All of those things aside, my posting will probably be sporadic in the near future. We have company coming Friday for the weekend. Not to mention the fact that I am playing nurse (well...not like that!) for my husband as he recovers for a few days. And then next week holds big decisions and progressions in my invention process! A wedding to attend. Oh and must we NOT forget....An unforgettable birthday next week! That's right...the birth day of Jesus! Christmas is upon us and I cannot wait to celebrate that life changing event!

And with all of that said...I am off to rest my weary head and feet in a comfortable bed!


Megan Marie said…
Hmmm...I wonder if Scott has joined my husbands recent group...
Ehlan said…
Hmmm...I bet I can guess too... :) I hope recovery goes well for Scott! Sounds like you have been busy, and can't wait to hear about your Christmas festivities!

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