From the Kitchen

Today, as any other day, I have spent a fair amount of my time in the kitchen. Today, however, was a bit different. Because you see, I am an emotional eater...which also means I am an emotional cook/baker/entertainer. I like to do these things to soothe myself...and by golly it works wouldn't ya know!

Massive pot I know...but for the massive turkey carcass I had this pot was the one for the job!

One of my favorite parts of thanksgiving or any other large meal day for that matter, is the leftover part. Not eating them. Cooking with them. I always am thinking to myself "what can I make with that?". Hopefully something really gourmet and wonderful comes to mind, but usually comfort food is where I go. And with a's all comfort. For with this stock I will make Turkey & Vegetable soup, Turkey Pot Pies, Turkey & Stuffing Quiche (this is a new one...I'll let you know what Scott thinks!) and hopefully some turkey left for Turkey & Wild Rice soup!

And...what? What's that in the corner of the shot you ask? Well...come on a girl can't go hungry while cooking can she? And I mean...we were talking comfort foods right? Yea yea yea...they're double stuff Oreo's all right...a fellow blogger was speaking of them the other day and I have had "oreo" brain ever since! I know...I am pathetic! This is why I run!

And well..along with that I was having another little snack!

Can you guess what it was?


Miss said…
why yes, yes I can guess what else you were snacking on!

cream cheese+

the left over is why I need ot have a big old holiday at my house!
Becca said…
I knew immediately what that snack was! Though I personally think it is disgusting, I have made it many times for my hubby. Whatever works! (at least it's low carb...:)
Ehlan said…
My FAVORITR snack!!!!

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