Happy Turkey Day

Well ok...I know it's really not called Turkey Day, but Sylvi kept confusing "Happy Thanksgiving" with "Happy Birthday"...so we changed it up a bit!

Anyhow...this year went off without a hitch! I host the festivities for my husbands side of the family and do the cooking myself as well! I LOVE IT! I enjoy everything about the preparations, the cooking, the serving, the presentation...EVERYTHING!

I also love the feeling of having family surrounding you...knowing that even though you all may lead very different lives that there is a connection there. It is also an opportunity for Scott and I to share our faith a bit. His parents attend our thanksgiving service with us and Scott says a blessing upon our meal...and conversations seem to follow.

But along with all the "rosy" feelings...it is a lot of work. I made an 18lb turkey...basted with a butter & wine sauce! Mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry relish, buns, stuffing and pies galore! Then there are dishes for said items as well...and so....at the end of the day as I was finishing up my dishes...feeling thankfully and all fuzzy inside..I opened a bottle of wine and finally slowed down enough to take 1 single, solitary photo! No...not of the beautifully browned turkey or the suculant pies! Just this.

What a blessed day indeed!


Anonymous said…
a) your family pics on the above post are ADORABLE

b) you are such a gifted hostess!

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