Seasons Greetings!

While this season has brought much busyness and a great deal of activity, in it's stillness I have noticed the amazing blessings. For it is in this season that the blessings abound much more noticeably. There is family. Friends. A home. Food. And Lord knows so, so much more that is beyond the necessity!

We have spent time with my family on Christmas Eve. Enjoying a dinner, that I did not have to cook (thanks Ash and Jessi) at a home that is more welcoming than any other (thanks Mom & Dad). Relaxing as much as one can with 4 small children on Christmas Day! Conversations and laughs with family. All of these things are priceless blessings to me!
Christmas Morning we spent time at home with our children, reveling in the amazement of the season. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus together throughout the days, read the birth story and answered many a question about how it actually happened from very inquisitive toddlers!

We have played in the snow, entertained my husbands family and made it through Scott's recovery with seemingly no pause! God has continued to show Himself true and evident to us in the large and very small things in our lives!

Scott and I have gotten to enjoy each other on his extended vacation from work. More laughs, tears and words spoken in the past 10 days than...well...probably the last year!!! With 4 small children and 2 hours a night to communicate...well communication just sometimes doesn't happen too often!

But with all of this said, we are amazed at our existence. An existence that is only possibly because of a tiny babe! A tiny babe who changed the world...changed my life and my family.

For unto us a child is born!


Miss said…
i love all of the pictures....and I espeically love the way you have them sprinkled out throughout your thoughts! =) I am BEYOND happy to hear you and Scott had great connecting time this week....soooo needed!

i miss you!
Miss said…
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4under3 said…
Oooh. Great shots of your home! And how fun to live amoung adorable little people.

Happy New Year!


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