At first we embrace the idea!

This is Sylvi, who had climbed her limber little self into the baby bassinet that is now placed in the living room awaiting an occupant. And I didn't mean her! But I think at first, before full realization of the circumstances, she embraced this new arrival.
Now I think she may be considering options. I feel as though I may benefit from joining her. Because I too am realizing what is about to happen!
I think any of us who have had previous labor experiences knows what enters your mind the days prior to the inevitable! Oh yes I want to run and hide. All of the memories of the pain and agony that Adam and Eve brought upon us!
And then for a brief moment I consider the possibility that it may not be that bad right? But thrice history has proved that yes it does hurt...a lot! So the inevitable is coming; I am panicking. Please let me hide with you Sylvi (if I fit of course). But....then I remember the amazing miracle that wouldn't be unless I endure this; I remember the moments that I look into my hero's eyes and he is helping me through and I can't wait!
So I digress...I will exit the cupboard and continue to wait for this event to come. Hopefully Sylvi will realize the same and face it head on and embrace the amazing future God has before us! So.....I'm waiting..............and waiting.....................................................................


Ehlan said…
A: Cutest pictures! I love the little rump sticking out of the cupboards! By the looks, I'm not sure you would fit! :) Or any adult for that matter!

B: Hang in there! I hear you--the anticipation is the worst! Do you go for the epidural or are you au natural?
I've done both ehlan. But the epi only works on my left side no matter what! I am not sure what I will do this time. Time will tell?!
Ehlan said…
The epi did the same thing for me part way through, but they gave me another dose and I was good to go...this was, of course, after having intentions to go au natural! ;) Things don't always go as we have planned after 15 hours!!
Megan said…
Keep hangin' in there Alicia!! This is going to sound really weird, but I don't dread the pain a bit, I find it challenging for some reason...I'm kind of cooky though!! BUT, my labors are really short, and I did do the epi last time but barely! As soon as she stuck me, I was ready to push. My midwife said, "Well, your ready, let's just wait for the epi to kick in a little bit.." I was lucky!!
I tried going natural (walked around/warm bath) with Brady and did about 3 hours of labor and then got the epidural and 1 1/2 hours later he was here.
We'll see if I even have time to get it with this one!
I can't wait to see how yours goes and see some pics!! Good Luck Girl!! These are the most amazing times of our lives! Great to share it with other amazing women!!
Miss said…
so cute!!! Is she still in the cupboard?!

Bill said you have dropped today!!
Anonymous said…
Wow!! That was the Best Post Ever! We are all waiting with you. You will do great! It will be fine! I am glad you are out of the cupboard and hope Sylvi scoots over to make room for baby in the bassinette.
Megan said…
I just had to tell you that each day I see you write on my blog, I say to myself, "Aawwww, not yet??!!" I hope it happens soon, and yes, I love the surprise of not knowing what it is too!!! I hope your labor keeps going the way it has for you, short!!!
Tiffany said…
The anticipation! The suspense! Little Sylvi knows whats coming, doesn't she? I have a picture of Julia (our oldest, being 2 at the time) the day before we went in for our induction day with the twins. We were getting the double stroller and carseats all ready outside. She had crawled in the carseat carrier that was snapped in the stroller. Then she pulled up both shades. She knew too...the earth shaking alterations that were about to happen.

I'm so excited for you. Do you have help lined up?

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