Not so "springy"

I know today wasn't as nice, but I could not let the day go by without attempting another "out of doors" experience. The kids were completely loving every second of it. When we finally came in it was as if they had taken in massive amounts of stimulants they were so energetic. And now at 9:00pm all is well in slumber land.....sleeping kids. What a wonderful sound!

Lilly and Finn peaking down
When Daddy showed up he helped them "dunk"!
Swings are always a popular item around here!

He's all boy that's for sure!
And then there was number #3.....
She kind of does her own thing..."hey I'm trying to back up here".


Ehlan said…
Looks like fun! Is that a swingset you have or were you at a park?
Miss said…
I LOVE sylvis coat! I have not seen is SOOO cute! =)

Please dont have the baby this weekend, we will be in Grand Rapids!! eekk...
Ehlan this is at our sister and good friend got it for Lilly on her 1st birthday (it was used). We have used it soooo much! It's our own little neighborhood park!

Miss...I'm trying to keep it quiet in there! Waiting for this next week!
Ehlan said…
Must be aiming for a certain midwife! :)
I would love to have my Dr. deliver...but I was actually trying to wait for my photog. (yes that's melissa) to be back in town....she does amazing baby/birth pics!

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