Oh my darling!

Yes scott, I mean you!

This is just a quick shout out to my wonderful man. I have to tell you blog readers just how great he has been this past week. Since I have decided to give up some things to preserve my sanity/energy he has completely picked up the slack. I even sent him to costco yesterday! I mean....the bill was about $50 more...but he came home with all the things I asked him to! Dishes have been done....cleaning!!!! WOW...you see I (like someone else I know) try to clean all day so that when kids hit the sheets I have time to chill with my man. Scott however has begun doing extra cleaning after the kids are in bed...BEFORE his workout! WOW...I can imagine some of you are sticking your finger down your throat as you read this....I am not saying he is perfect...but amazing...YES! Thanks Scott!


Miss said…
I think woman in general dont praise their husbands publicly enough...so good for you! And, you DO have a great man! =)
Ehlan said…
Hooray for husbands!

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