Has my patience left with the springtime weather?

I believe it has! My patience these days seems to be as fleeting as those beautiful spring days we have had recently! I cannot seem to hold my tongue to save my life; closing my lips is apparently a thing of the past. Half the time I cannot even remember what in the world I just said....and it wasn't kind hearted.

The most unfortunate part of this horrible disease I have contracted, is that it seems to be at my children's expense. Yes I know...I only spend 18 hours or so a day with them...duh, but it's no excuse and gives me no right. This is my resolution for the day:

I will henceforth resume my previous level of patience with my children. I pray the God will help me through the moments where I feel that I cannot hold my tongue. I understand that this downfall is common and will retreat when my hormones return to normal (Lord when will that day come??), but for now I will work very hard at improving this.

*Oh and Mom, if you are reading this...my sharp tongue was at it's best yesterday when I (in jest of course) gave you a little guilt about the sippy cup! Please forgive me....Much Love!


Anonymous said…
Oh, I totally understand! Thanks for being honest! I will pray that your patience DOES return, but I know your mom will forgive you, and your friends and children and others will, too. It's a trying place you're in...and you're not perfect! But here's hoping God will send more patience back your way:) Hang in there!
Megan said…
Well, you know I've posted the same thing pretty much. Being pregnant makes it much more difficult, and now with snow in the forecast and Spring time fever lost again, I fear many mom's are feeling the same. I hope your day goes well and that your prayers are answered!!
Ehlan said…
Prayers for patience today! And maybe a few moments to yourself!
Miss said…
hello my sharp tounged friend! I am sorry for you b.c I know how frustrating it is to be batteling something that is not who we normally are.
you must remember that this is short lived and your kids will NEVER remember it!
Besides, they prob. just leave the room and talk bad about you and that makes them feel better!
hahaha! jk=)

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