Broken Appliance!

Our dishwasher is severly broken right now. It has a hard time getting through a full load without breaking down. It's as if it needs a rest. The position it takes to do the dishes is kind of half turned to one side to releive the pressure of the counter onto it's front. Oh wait...that dishwasher is ME! I lothe the dishes...I cannot wait until the day that we remodel the kitchen and get to add a dishwasher of some other name; kenmore or something!


Anonymous said…
As a professional appliance seller (confidant hair flip) back in 1999-2001, I would highly recomend the Kenmore. Great choice.
Miss said…
hahaha! As I was reading this I thought maybe I was reading someone elses blog! Oh, I am so quick today! =)

too funny
Ehlan said…
I hear ya! I hate not having a REAL dishwasher.

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