Inquiring minds....

of a 3 year old anyhow! Here are the most recent questions:

How will they get the baby out of your belly?

Will it squeeze up through your boobs?

Will they have to cut it out?

How do you push it out?

How did I ever get in your tummy?

And then how did Finn & Sylvi get in your tummy after me?

When the baby's in your belly how does it eat?

When will the baby be here?

And these are just some of the many questions she has obviously had on her mind lately! I, however, was ill prepared to answer them and hope that what I said was the right thing to say!


Anonymous said…
Oh, she's a real thinker! Kieran has started asking SOME questions, but not that detailed. Yet. He wanted to know if the blanket I knit him when he was a baby was in my tummy with him so he was warm. Hah. I bet you DO wish you knew the answer to her question of when the baby will come out, don't you!?

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