Mcdonalds Farm

So what are 3 babies and their momma supposed to do when Daddy is not coming home until late again, momma doesn't feel like making dinner and all are benefiting from the 74 degree day? Go to Mamma & Papas house and see the chickens! How I would enjoy the space, privacy and serenity of my parents old farm. My Children adore being there and the fact that we allow them to run around unsupervised (well you know what I mean...I am many feet away instead of only a foot or two in my yard) and make believe all they would like!

So my dear mother invited us for dinner...then she bathed my sweet smelling children and helped me pack them up for home. An hour or so thereafter Scott arrived home and the children were ready for a quick snuggle and a hard nights sleep! Thank God for wonderful family.


Tiffany said…
OhhhhHHhhhhhh! That all sounds so fabulous!

1.Outside with your children all afternoon
2.At grandma's house
3.A great meal prepared by someone other than yourself.
4.In someone else's kitchen for someone else to clean up.
5. And then baths to boot!!!

Can we come over tomorrow?
Miss said…
FUN!! Let me know the next time you are going as I am now alone alot at night too! =) (well, only one night so far...but many more to come!)
The poop boots are all ready here to go over there! =)
I will promise to announce the next "schuman farm" afternoon/evening as soon as I know! You are all really you are!
Ehlan said…
So adorable! Grandma & Grandpa are the best, aren't they!! Wonderful! I'm surprised all the farm action didn't kick baby into action!!!
Anonymous said…
SUCH cute pics!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly said…
my son would love to see the chickens. Chickens are his favorite whenever we visit farms.
susanc said…
I know I'm a bit far away but can I come to the farm too...that would be twelve chidren!! well soon anyway :)

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