Overachievers Anonymous

Well really since I am writing this about myself I would not be "anonymous"...but I have turned something viewed as negative into a positive. I think!

As any of you who have been pregnant can imagine, I have been getting massive amounts of comments about my "belly", my belly button, my size and everything in between. But there are a few things that I find quite annoying:
1. You only have 1 right?
2. Are you sure?
3. When people look at you with a pained face as if to say "I feel sorry for you", when I look quite fine and happy.

Ok ok I will stop...but here is what I have decided. I am typically a glass half full, optimist type of person. And since I tend to do all things to the best of my ability, I have decided to make this venture, pregnancy, no different. I have decided that I am a pregnancy overachiever. My body has created the ultimate baby environment and babies just do not want to leave this comfortable home. They can float and swim in plenty of room while being fully taken care of. Who would want to leave that?

I know this sounds a bit "obnoxious" but I don't really know where else to go with that. So yes...I am due (overdue in fact) and yes I know there is only one. Why you ask am I still pregnant? Because I am an overachiever and this baby just does not want to leave!!!! THERE YOU HAVE IT!


susanc said…
sounds to me like you are in the mood for a labour!!!

I agree with you on all the annoying, yet often well meant comments. They just wear thin...

I used to say to people that I was a very good overcooker which I still think is healthier for bubs than going too soon...

it'll be out soon... :)
I am glad to be overcooking this one! I think it obviously needs it. But yes...I think our bodies and minds are only set up to take comments for 40 weeks...any longer and patients start to wear thin I think!!
Miss said…
I am so proud of your happy attitude the past few weeks! Seriously...I know I would not be having one if I were you. And good job on figuring out a way to make this a good thing! =)

Miss said…
oh...and you look SO beautiful! no matter how overdue you are!

I am serious
Anonymous said…
AMEN! I love your positive outlook. Hurrah for YOU! I know VERY few women, myself included, who can stay so upbeat when "overdue" and it must just be so unbelieveable to people that you would actually still be feeling good that they still feel like they need to give you pained looks. Really, that's quite rude! When I see a really pregnant woman, I love to say, "You look great!" Because I think REALLY pregnant women look great! And also, I KNOW that really pregnant women don't want me to make pained faces or ask "how much longer?" as if they have any idea! You are doing just great with your overachieving:)
raggedy ash said…
dear irish twin,
nice work putting a spin on your "condition". however, in the course of the 20 seconds it took me to read your post, i think you've managed to negate everything i learned in therapy - that overachieving is bad for you and bad for those around you! if bebe 4's healthy and happy delivery is a result of your overachievement, then i say keep on reaching for that unreachable star! :)

tomorrow. tomorrow is it! remember how awesome that is? i was just reliving the other 3 birth days in my head last night and i can't wait to wrap that baby up in my arms for the first time.

ash,the ever lovin' ani.
Megan said…
Great spirits! I think it's awesome because I would be crying...I just know I would, so I think it's awesome when people can do what I think I can't (but I know I would...or will).
Have a great, beautiful day tomorrow, tonight, wednesday?!!!!!

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