Immense Gains

So these are the immense gains from 4 hours in the great out of doors today:

Happy Children
Happy Momma
House filled with fresh air!
Clean House (thanks to a dear friend who cleaned while we were gone!)
Long naps...YES LONG...3 hours at least for all 3 children! TRIFECTA!
Happy children (b/c of long naps) at dinner time
Many rewarding moments of gazing at my children playing together
Enjoyment of adult conversation with a great friend and a new one!

And this I would like to repeat again tomorrow...we'll see if I have the energy!


Megan said…
Love, love, love being outside with the kids!!
Ehlan said…
How wonderful! We were outside for a long time too yesterday--SO NICE. Go baby go--engage that head! You can do it!!!
Miss said…
I agree... to all of it. Yesterday Tate actually came in from playing JUST to take a nap! He needed a break he said !=) haha

Its cold even if you have the energy, it wont be as enjoyable!

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