Belly Bean numero quattro!

Is apparently still happy with the home in which it resides! An ultrasound last night revealed that this baby is getting large, between 8 1/2 and 9 lbs (give or take...20 oz), and that it is extremely protected by an abundance of fluid...and by abundance I mean A LOT! Apparently one of the reasons I measure quite a bit ahead is that my fluid levels are above the 100th percentile! At least that means I don't have a 14lb babe in there! Today I have 10 days left until I am due...that seems to be a while right now. Whoa...please don't get me wrong I love being pregnant..but the following things are unchangeable weather you love it or not:
You get bigger each day
Some things inevitably become uncomfortable
Energy is at an all time low while caring for 3 other children (3 and under)
Hormones, however, are at an all time HIGH!
Life crawls by at times
Bending becomes a thing of the past
Anxiety to meet this belly bean sets in
sooo you get the point!!!!
I also had a Dr. appt tonite that so far, has not yielded any results. I have begun the journey to 10 cm..and I know there is end in sight...but I really am wondering, "when will this sweet babe arrive?".


Miss said…
I guess I am doing the same thing you are doing...of course, I have a fussy babe in my lap so this is where I reside at 10:30 at night !=) haha

I had SUCH a good time! thanks for making me laugh so hard that I had to cool of in the cooler! =)
Anonymous said…
Oh, getting bigger each day. Sigh. At least you are ALMOST done! C'mon baby, I can't wait until you make your appearance either! All 8-11 pounds of you:)
Tiffany said…
The joys of largeness. I know that is why God has us go through those last we are ready to be done when the baby comes. Soon, my dear, you'll be able to paint your pretty little toesies. That is, if you find time. ;)

I'm so excited for you.
Ehlan said…
Hurry baby hurry! Can't wait to see that little bundle!!! Go baby go!
Megan said…
Good Luck! The very end does seem to take foooreevverrr!
ahhmm, I mean, it will fly by!
Bridget said…
Come out bebe!!! everyone wants to meet you!!!

On a side you know what you are having?

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