The finality of it all.

This will be the last pregnant post I write. I am going in the morning for my induction and will come home in a couple of days with a precious blessing. I am so excited and cannot wait to meet this tiny (or not so tiny) person inside of me; to know weather my children have a brother or sister.

With that said I have taken a final picture of my preggo belly to prove to all of you how large...oh yes I took a profile! I am looking forward to all of your honest comments....because I KNOW how large it really is. I mean come on I have TONS of fluid in there too!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...............................................................................................

This is it....what do you think.

Something else funny was after my husband took this picture he said "we should take it next to something so you have a comparable object next to you!" reply was "I am next to the much more comparable can you get?".


4 Little Men said…
So glad you stopped by and 'delurked' again. :)

Your baby belly is beautiful! I can't wait to hear the news soon. You have a beautiful family.

talk to you soon,

Anonymous said…
I have been thinking on you literally non-stop for a few days, Alicia! Your little babe stayed put in her/his watery home and tomorrow you can finally meet! I am SO excited for you! I will pray for you as I fall asleep tonight (again...I went to bed, hungry, at 10 pm, hoping my husband would have gotten my message and bring me some fried rice when he finally got home...he got home at 11 and I woke up to the news that he had not gotten my message! so...I got up and made tabouli and tomatoes, my second place I am eating that and checking your blog!) and I will pray for God's hand on your birth tomorrow. And know there is one mama who will be checking and checking for The Big News!

Oh, and your is so big!!! I LOVE it! But it's NOT the fat kind of big that I's the REALLY pregnant kind of big that's not fat! I LOVE very pregnant tummies and yours looks so fab: for one more day!!!!
Bridget said…
i think you look absolutely wonderful! There is nothing more beautiful than a preggo lady!!!! :) good luck!!!!!
Ehlan said…
I hope there is a baby while I write! Your belly looks beautiful!!!
Megan said…
Preggo bellies Rock!
jpandtheboys said…
I think it's beautiful!! :) Miss told me you were being induced today and I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your precious bundle.
Yay,yay, yay! I can't wait to know if it is a boy or girl! You are beautiful by the way, pregnancy does you good! I am at the princeton hospital so no worries about my germies. Happy happy days for you and your new little member of your adorable family!

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